Original Price: $488/per unit
Price for voucher holder: $288/per unit 
Ecovitta instant-steam cleaning system with Aroma-Steam is the first of its kind in the world.
ECOVITTA multi-purpose steam Cleaning System with Instant Steam Technology and Aroma-Steam function.
ECOVITTA Steam Cleaning System, a finalist at the 2009 Singapore Industrial Design Awards, is the end result of a decade long design and development, based on our 25 year experience in the sales and distribution of Steam Cleaning systems, starting with Polti s.p.a of Italy.
Ecovitta’s reputation revolves around it’s Super-dry steam produced by the electronically controlled Instant-Steam generator.
ECOVITTA System has been one of the top selling high quality steam cleaners in Europe and U.S.A during the past few years with such major brands as VAX, ORECK, VaporDry, SuperVapor and Ecovitta Aromatic.