Why do people with asthma and allergies often relapse at night?

This is because their beds contains up to 5 million dust mites. Dust mites are the main factor that causes asthma and allergies. When we (especially babies) are sleeping on the bed, large amounts of dust mites and dusts invade our delicate system, causing allergies and even asthma. Medication can only help to control. Most of us, including doctors, believe that asthma and allergies are difficult to cure completely


Delphin and Asthma

Delphin has penetrated into the Singapore market for more than 10 years. During this time, we provided about 200,000 families with free cleaning service and product demonstrations. Through our marketing efforts, during the cleaning process, customers will personally observe the level of pollution within their home. They will also observe that the pillows and mattresses they use every day actually have so much dust accumulated within them. Dust mites feed on our dead skin for a living and they exist in large hordes within the dust of our mattresses. Delphin can help by effectively reducing dust and the associated dust mites. Many customers, after they personally see and experience the effectiveness of Delphin product, purchase a machine, or engage Delphin cleaning services. Today, we are glad to see that many Delphin customers, who are regularly using Delphin to clean their home, have reduced asthma attacks and allergies.