Benefits of Owning a Delphin Machine

In Singapore, a house will cost at least a few hundred thousands to a few millions of dollars. Why does everyone save and rush to buy these houses, which are essentially just made up of bricks and cement? This is because the value of staying or owning these houses is infinite. This is the same for Delphin. It may look like just an ordinary electronic product. However, those who have seen and used Delphin can testify that the benefits that it brings us are priceless. Just like how we can use installments to pay for our dream home, we can also use monthly installments of approximately SGD90 to buy Delphin. There are currently 7 banks extending interest free installments to support us. For only about SGD90 per month, which is about SGD3 per day, you can own a Delphin machine.What can Delphin do for us? In addition to purifying the air and vacuuming the floor, we can also save a lot on electricity by cleaning the air con. Most importantly, we can remove dust mites from our mattresses, fabric sofas and the dozens of pillows and bolsters that we have so that we can have a better sleep. A good sleep is the key to building up your immune system, so you will save on medical fees. An adult with a good sleep will feel better and have more energy at work. A child with a good sleep will be able to concentrate better and do well in school. The benefits are endless. A Delphin DPS8 has a life span of 50 years (Domestic use only). Once we own it, and enjoy using it, we will be able to see the improvement it can bring to our lives.



Benefits of Rental or Services

For the majority, it makes most sense to own the machine. However, for some busy and small families, they may like to consider our services. For eg, a busy couple or a single personnel, staying in a smaller house with only one mattress will find it worthy to get our service (SGD60 per trip.) Just like how we have to bathe daily, change our bed sheets every week, we need to reduce dust mites regularly. For those who still need to consider their purchase of the machine, they may rent Delphin at SGD130 monthly. They may choose to rent a new machine (Account Opening: $450) or an old machine (Account Opening: $150). For further enquiries about our rental and services conditions, customers may contact our company.