Disadvantage of Water + Separator Vacuum Cleaner

Everyone knows that paper bag and cloth bag vacuum cleaners will cause pollution. Thus there are many water based vacuum cleaners found in the market. Water can be used to stick dust. However, only 70%-90% of the dust can be stuck effectively. Fine dust will still be able to escape back into the air through bubbles. Therefore, many water-based vacuum cleaners will install a Separator on top of the water, relying on their hi-speed revolutions’ pressure to press the dust into the water and it sticks it. This is the usage of a separator in a water-based vacuum cleaner. However, as it is a vacuum cleaner, when the motor sucks the dusts into the machine, the suction is very strong. Usually, there will still be fine dusts escaping through the separator’s gap and enter the machine and through the machine’s air outlet, re-enters into our atmosphere. To simply put it, vacuum cleaners with water and separator will have dust escaping from it. In order to solve this problem, some vacuum cleaners using water and separators will add filters, or HEPA filters to block the dust.


Disadvantage of Water + HEPA filter Vacuum Cleaner

The HEPA filter is a sound invention; but it is not appropriate for use in the air outlet of the water-based vacuum cleaners. This is because after some time, dust and moisture will be trapped in the HEPA filters. This will result in growth of mold causing germs and bacteria, along with bad odours and large amounts of money may have to be spent on changing the filters regularly.

Advantage of L-Lamella patented technology

The technology of the separator has surfaced in the market for about 70 over years. It can be considered as an older technology. L-Lamella is an invention by Proair GmbH. Their research and development team invented the L-Lamella separator after testing out a few hundred different separators. One of their innovative changes includes changing from straight linings within the separators to form an L-shaped lining. When the motor revolves, the L-Lamella will create an internal vacuum point that is be able to trap the finest dust. Customers can simply clean the L-Lamella regularly. This is why Delphin can still clean effectively and efficiently without any filter. With L-Lamella technology, there is no need for dust bag and filter!