Delphin Germany

Company: ProAir Gmbh
Founder: Mr. & Mrs. Helmut Grassinger

The company was founded in 1993 and it is located in Bavaria, Germany, only 40 km away from the borders with Austria and Switzerland. ProAir Gmbh owns 25,500m2 of land and using 4,600m2 has built a factory solely for the production of Delphin machines. ProAir Engineers created many new ideas and currently own several patents for Delphin. The first model of Delphin launched in 1995 was DP-2000, and the next model was DP-2001. Then, in 1998, created the DP-2002 (Delphin GOLD). Recently, have launched the DP-S8. Delphin machines are sold in 40 countries around the world.

To help protect our environment, rather than only producing Delphin machines, ProAir invested in solar technology and established the Delphin Solar Power Technology Park. With the park, ProAir was able to produce energy for its own consumption and even supplied excess energy generated to the local electricity grid. In our opinion, recycling is everyone’s responsibility. For that reason, ProAir produced Delphin machines not only with new ideas and patents but most importantly, with a long lifespan. A regular Delphin machine’s lifespan is around 20 years, and a Delphin DP-S8’s lifespan can reach up to 50 years (for household use).


Delphin Singapore

Company : Xurun Holding Pte Ltd & Delphin Singapore Pte Ltd
Founder – Zhang Run Zi

Xu Run Holdings, formerly Sea Anemones Pte Ltd, was established in May 2001 to obtain the sole distribution rights of the Delphin machine in Singapore from ProAir Gmbh. In 2004, ProAir Gmbh and Xu Run’s founder Runzi collaborated to establish Delphin Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Today, Delphin has become a well-known household name. Due to the high quality and patented technologies of ProAir Gmbh, Delphin is currently the leading brand for Air and Room Cleaning Systems (Water-Based Vacuum Cleaners) in Singapore! Our goal is for Delphin to become a necessity for every Singapore family. Even for the needy families, especially those with children, we help them by offering them free second-hand machines. We hope that one day, every Singapore family will benefit by using Delphin machines.


Delphin Malaysia

Company: Xurun Trading Sdn bhd & Xurun Marketing Sdn Bhd
Founder – Zhang Run Zi

Delphin has applied for the SIRIM Label in Malaysia, the registration number is PC000257. Delphin’s sole distributor in Malaysia is Xu Run Trading (M) Sdn Bhd and its headquarters is currently situated at Horizon Hills, Nusajaya, Johor. We plan to have an individual distributor in every state of Malaysia. Delphin’s First sub-distributor in Malaysia is situated at Nusajaya, Johor, registered under the name of Xurun Marketing Sdn Bhd, and Delphin’s second sub-distributor is situated in Penang, which is another branch of Xu Run Marketing Sdn Bhd. With high quality of German-made Delphin machines, we believe that we will be the leading brand for Air and Room Cleaning Systems (Water-based vacuum Cleaners) in Malaysia soon.